Monday, December 10, 2012

Surrealistic Panel - More Updates

Over the course of this week I have been working on finishing up my surrealistic painting.  Painted with tempra, the goal was to create a surrealistic panel that included a macrocosm, microcosom, and Fibbonnacci's "Golden mean" while adhering to a scale of darks to lights.  We created a value scale with a white, black and 8 gradients of grey and painted our pieces while also incorporating striations and depicting volume without blending.

I decided to have a theme for my panel which was a country-styled theme.  I zoomed in on an apple from an apple orchard, used a farm as my landscape, and painted a cat's bristly tail as the Golden mean. Hopefully I was able to accomplish the criteria needed for this project!

You can see some photos of my process below!


  1. Coming along beautifully...check your email for a response!

  2. beautiful as always maria! the cats tail is my favorite part that must have been hell to work on! the tail has great movement and the fur looks so touchable! the rest is of course grand as well, can't wait to see it in person love!