Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Switch Blade Abstraction

Last week in our studio portion of 2D Design we worked on drawing an object realistically, cropping into it and then painting it, creating an abstract composition.  Using tempra to paint proved to be challenging but I'm happy with the result!  We'll be doing two more of these with different tones of negative and positive space.

I began with a realistic sketch of my object, a switch blade.  Though it holds some personal significance, I also thought it'd be an interesting object to draw with the many tones of darks and lights.

Then, with tempra, I mixed tones to create a basic value scale containing a black, white (used the paper for that!), dark, medium, and light.  Using the brush techniques that Heather taught us, I was able to create clean, straight lines which is imperative when painting a knife!

A little look-see at my little pots of paint that I mixed!  Used tape to help me remember which is which because I'll need these for my next project! 

Though I'm a very inexperienced painter, I've always found it very meditative and I'm looking forward to painting the other versions!