Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homework Assignment #5

In  Design class, my final project is focusing on implementing several elements of design into a surrealistic landscape.  Some elements include the use of scale and proportion, the notion of ideal geometry in a composition, and the integration of the golden rectangle found in the Fibonacci sequence.

Scale and proportion are both related terms, for they both refer to size.  Scale is another word for saying "big" or "small," and proportion is the relative size measured against other elements.  While we often think of proportions as mathematical ratios (which they are!) the focus for using proportions in the current surrealistic project is to use the power  of contrast of scale.  We will be doing this by zooming in on an element of nature and exaggerating the size of certain objects in order to attract the viewer's attention.  A deliberate changing of natural scale is one of the ideal characteristics of a successful surrealistic piece, for the art form itself is built on paradox -- of images that have no rational explanations.  

Another criteria of this project is to incorporate the golden rectangle or also known as the Fibonacci sequence.  This fascinating set of rations demonstrate the growth patterns in nature -- like shells, snails, leaves, human anatomy -- are all interrelated and reflect the same sequence.  

Other criteria includes cropping and zooming in on a piece of nature, using striations of grey value tones and having a light source.  

My surrealistic landscape is going to focus on a farm scene with elements of the countryside.  I admit, I don't know why I've chosen such a theme, since I've never particularly been interested in the quiet country way of living, nor do I live in that setting myself.  Funnily enough, I really wanted to incorporate an apple into my piece and one idea just lead to another.  My sketch is still incomplete so I'll post that when it's done but here are a few of my conceptual framework pieces that I've used as inspiration.


  1. HI Maria:
    I love your commentary! Maybe the reason you want to incorporate country living into your conceptual framework is there is a yearning for peace and serenity of nature?
    Your first year at college in an urban setting is a stressful awakening....perhaps your spirit is dreaming of the peace and calm of a natural setting implying innocence and beauty.

  2. beautiful references i hope you got that apple you were craving for! the piece is gonna look great- of course c: